Never-ending glamour with a seamless flow of water over the edge of the pool

Infinity edge pools are relative newcomers to the pool scene, and have become keenly sought after in Brisbane and the Gold Coast for their beauty and luxury. Most commonly found in resorts and luxury hotels, the infinity edge pool can create that resort style pool in your very own backyard.

There are many different terms of reference for an infinity edge pool, but the second and third most common term is the vanishing edge or knife edge pool. In other words a body of water that flows over an edge to produce a visually appealing look of endless water flow with no boundaries.

The most spectacular and elegant varieties have an edge that gives an optimal illusion of water extending to the horizon, or have one edge overflowing, which gives a visual effect of constantly flowing water along with its peaceful and relaxing sounds. No slope is necessary; our brilliant engineers can achieve this on flat surfaces.

If you have a view, we can help you attain the apparent seamless merging of your pool with the sky or other bodies of water, or with landscape greenery that comes to the very edge of the pool, offering a lush reflection. Another possibility is a glass viewing edge.

In fact, the possibilities are almost as endless as the infinity pool itself. The unique benefit of choosing Maibu Pools on the Gold Coast and Brisbane is that we can offer custom designed concrete pools to cater for any type of infinity edge swimming pool.

Contact Malibu Pools today to discuss the myriad options for an infinity pool.

Infinity pool with view and sunset by infinity pool builder
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