Your private oasis like no other!

At Malibu Pools, we are proud designers of resort-style pools in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. We describe these as pools with additional features around the perimeter, such as well-executed landscaping and the use of stones or rock and water features, set off by a cabana or gazebo to give the impression of a lagoon on a tropical island.

Creative and beautiful lighting complements the paradise-like scene, and inside the pool, you may have heating, automated pool controllers and a spa. This kind of pool does not have to be large to emanate luxury and elegance, and we can help you achieve the look of your very own island paradise with almost any space.

We and our team of expert tradespeople can carry out all of the various pieces of work in these complex design and installations – landscaping, fencing, water features, spas, irrigation systems, decks and anything else you can imagine to make your pool dreams come true. You can review our pool construction process to understand what is involved in our construction process for a resort style pool.

We are accomplished project managers who can invite you to put your feet up while we transform your space – and enhance your lifestyle.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote, and let us make your dream a reality

Ultra modern home with modern stylish swimming pool
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