Water Options


What Are Your Kids Swimming In?

Not all water is the same, some is full of chemicals you don’t want yourself or your kids exposed to for extended periods of time. Malibu Pools Brisbane and Gold Coast team has options for water sanitation that are better for your family and the environment. We use the industry leading Purapool water treatment solution to provide a swimming experience that is like no other.

  • Look after your family with minerals

    Mineral swimming pools, have been proven to provide a number of substantial health and well being benefits to the bather.
  • Your sanctuary – soft, crystal clear mineral water

    Purapool’s mineral water treatment systems such as the Oxygen Minerale & Oxygen UV+ provide a softer and more natural feel.
  • Care for our environment and your stuff!

    Chlorine pools using standard chlorinators are good at providing all year round sanitisation. However, chlorine and the associated chemicals in treating a chlorine pool can impact the environment. Purapool mitigates environmental impacts with mineral based alternative water treatment options which our team is authorised to provide and install.
water options for chlorine free pool
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